Commercial Refrigeration

4 Common Commercial Refrigeration Problems in Clovis, NM

December 20, 2021

Commercial refrigerators in Clovis, NM, can develop issues that require a replacement or repairs. Commercial refrigeration problems can happen anytime, like during a weekend dinner rush or after doing the weekly produce shopping for your restaurant. Being aware of the following commercial refrigeration problems can help you prevent them or know what to do if they occur:

Unusual Noises

Firstly, commercial refrigerators have different sound sources like motors, fans and the compressor. An unfamiliar or weird noise from your commercial refrigerator should concern you because it may indicate compressor failure. Call a professional service technician to inspect the appliance and repair or replace the faulty component.

Ice Buildup Inside the Refrigerator

Ice buildup inside your commercial refrigerator occurs when the warm air enters the unit and condenses on interior surfaces. Frost or ice building up in commercial refrigerators may indicate refrigerant leaks, faulty door gaskets or inadequate air ventilation. You need to call a commercial refrigeration expert to fix the issue.

Temperature Issues

If you set the required temperatures but the food doesn’t remain cold, you probably have an issue with your refrigerator’s thermostat. Other common culprits of temperature issues with your commercial refrigerator may include faulty compressors, restricted airflow, dirty fans or refrigerant leaks. A licensed service technician can diagnose the cause of temperature problems in a commercial refrigerator and recommend a solution.

Power Issues

Call an expert right away if your commercial refrigerator doesn’t power up even if the power switch and plugs are on. A wiring problem may be the culprit, so it’s best to hire a professional for diagnosis. It’s advisable to avoid using extension cords for a commercial refrigerator.

You can head off many problems by having a professional service technician inspect and repair your commercial appliances on a regular basis. Our maintenance plan can help you prevent the above commercial refrigerant problems. Contact us at I.T.S. Refrigeration & Heating, Inc. today for more information about commercial refrigerator issues and our commercial HVAC services.

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