Heat Pump Maintenance

It’s Not Too Early for Spring Heat Pump Maintenance

March 13, 2023

Spring is the best time to get a tuneup for your heat pump in Artesia, NM. You’ll avoid the scheduling conflicts that arise with the busy summer air conditioning season. You would also have more time to address any major issues with your system. Here are three reasons scheduling heat pump maintenance is necessary:

Energy-Efficient Cooling Performance

You want your heat pump to use the minimum amount of energy to cool your home this spring and summer. But it can’t do that if you have a clogged filter or the evaporator coil is dirty. Instead, the system will use more energy and run longer, which means higher bills. With annual maintenance, you can keep the costs down and not have to deal with things like short-cycling.

A Longer Lifespan for the Heat Pump

If you own a traditional central heat pump, it can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years, depending on the level of maintenance it gets. A ductless heat pump can run for up to 30 years, but only with regular tuneups. The reason is that maintenance eliminates those issues that can put premature wear and tear on the motor and other components.

Fewer Heat Pump Repairs Every Year

On average, homeowners who schedule yearly maintenance only need to have their heat pump repaired once or twice in between the visits. These repair jobs tend to be minor in nature, too, and don’t involve the more expensive components. On top of that, professional maintenance offers protection for most, if not all, manufacturer warranties.

We’re a family-run business that boasts warm, personalized customer care along with professional, detail-oriented work. We’ve been around since 1993, and we’ve been able to keep a perfect A+ rating with the BBB. For heat pump maintenance in Artesia, NM, call I.T.S. Refrigeration & Heating, Inc.

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