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Noticing These 5 Issues? It’s Time for a New Heat Pump in Hobbs, NM

March 23, 2022

Nothing good lasts forever, including your heat pump. Over time, wear and tear in the unit builds up, causing issues too big to keep repairing. Learn about five clear signs that it’s time to have your heat pump in Hobbs, NM, replaced.

Air Quality Issues

Your heat pump helps regulate the air quality within your home, keeping the right humidity balance in place. If your allergies have been acting up or you feel like the air in your home is stuffy and stale, your system may be the culprit.

Constant Short-Cycling

A constantly running heat pump is one that needs replacing. Constant running of the system signifies that it’s having trouble keeping up with demand. The issue may be as simple as a clogged filter or something much more serious.

Uncomfortable Home

If it feels like your home is never at a comfortable temperature, consider whether keeping your current system running is worth the hassle. A heat pump that seems to blow nothing but lukewarm air needs repairing at the bare minimum, if not a replacement.

High Bills

It’s normal for your heating and cooling bills to fluctuate a bit from month to month. However, bills that jump and remain steadily high signal a problem with HVAC operations. A replacement may be in order to help save money and keep your home comfortable.

Frequent Repairs

Not the first time you’re left with a system that needs repairing? An increase in repair frequency means your heat pump is on its last leg. Replacing the system restores peace of mind, lowers energy bills and allows you to focus on other things.

Seem like your system needs repairing every few months? It’s time to make the switch to a newer model. Give I.T.S. Refrigeration & Heating, Inc. a call today to set up an installation appointment!

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