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4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Repair Your Own HVAC System

January 18, 2023

When your HVAC system in Hobbs, NM, is on the fritz, you might feel tempted to follow an online video and do the repair yourself. However, there are some serious dangers associated with DIY repairs. Find out the top reasons you should have a professional repair your HVAC system rather than attempt the task yourself.

Lack of Tools

One thing so-called online DIY experts don’t tell you is that you often need a lot of special tools. While you can rent them, you usually need to put down a deposit. It’s often cheaper to let a service technician handle the furnace repair than to buy or rent the right tools.

Efficiency Risks

The company that makes your HVAC system publishes its efficiency rating, but it only applies to equipment professionally installed. You risk making a simple or major mistake that reduces its efficiency. This will lead to higher cooling or heating bills when you use the equipment.

Expensive Mistakes

A big reason you should avoid DIY repairs is that those repairs can lead to expensive mistakes. You risk breaking or damaging the exchanger or pump. In some cases, you may even do enough damage that a service technician needs to replace multiple parts, which will add to your cost.

Safety Hazards

Every time you attempt to repair your HVAC system, you face potential safety hazards. You might touch a component and suffer an electrical shock or burn yourself on another part. There is also a risk of a fire breaking out.

Avoid any repairs if you have a gas furnace. You risk creating a buildup of gas that causes the furnace to explode. This can happen without any warning.

Choose Safe HVAC Repairs

Our professional technicians at I.T.S. Refrigeration & Heating, Inc. can handle any type of HVAC repair in the Hobbs, NM, area. You can reach out if your ignition doesn’t work or your AC stops running as cold as it should. Call today to schedule HVAC maintenance to reduce costly repairs later.

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